Noteboom Implement provides John Deere products. John Deere is the world’s leading manufacturer of farm and forestry equipment as well as a major force in construction equipment.

Precision Ag - AMS


tabletdeerepicKyle Patten is the Noteboom Implement Precision Ag Manager. This is a service of the Noteboom Implement family owned John Deere Dealerships.

Noteboom Implement strives to be a leader in technology, precision, and support.  The current landscape of technology in agriculture is shifting from ‘precision ag’ to ‘decision ag’ with the power of data at your fingertips. The John Deere Operations Center is the central hub that will enable secure, easy flow of information between you, Noteboom Implement, and your trusted advisors. Contact us today to learn more about how the John Deere Operations Center can help you manage your operation more efficiently.

Local AMS Support:

CHAMBERLAIN (800-666-4259)
Sales: Krista Schoepner, Neil Hylla, Dallas Henry or Dave Marone
Service: Kevin VanDerWerff

CORSICA (800-952-2315)
Sales: Elliot Cwach, Bill Samuelson, Rick Sanders, or Phil Burmeister
Service: Paul Krogstad

PARKSTON (800-888-4230)
Sales: John Cuka, Kevin Thuringer or Heath Kurtenbach
Service: Alan Scholten

SIBLEY (800-262-7720)
Sales: Deric DenHartog, Sean Haberman or Kyle VanVoorst
Service: Mike Agena

LAKE PARK (800-826-8495)
Sales: Wade Brunk, Nick Elser or Marshall Eddy
Service: Stan Anderson

SPENCER (800-932-7353)
Sales: Mike Mielke
Service: Dana Brugman

IDA GROVE (800-827-1650)
Sales: Clint Wellendorf, Dustin Ricklefs, Bryon Hare or Rusty Sadler
Service: Adam Lansink

STORM LAKE (800-235-0038)
Sales: Jory Hemer, Paul Magnussen
Service:  Kirby Mosbach


For more Information contact Kyle Patten at 712-240-4079 or

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