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Painting & Detailing

At Noteboom Implement our paint and detail department has become a very important part of our goal of customer satisfaction. We have seen a huge increase in the need for professional detailing and painting. The largest increase we have noticed is in the combine and sprayer detailing. After a hard season of use over countless acres, a service special followed by any repair work is not complete without an intense cleaning inside and out. Our service detailing work is done by our detail pros. You can expect a professional job well done when you receive your machine back. Our facility allows us to clean all the dust, dirt, and grime off your equipment in any kind of weather with the use of our indoor wash bay. We not only have the equipment but the knowledge to do a great job at a reasonable rate.

Our detail technicians are also educated in body repair work and our shop is equipped with what it takes to repair that dent in your tractor hood to repairing that old workhorse or even giving that combine a new look. If you want to keep your machine looking like new come and see us at Noteboom Implement. We can give you an estimate on your paint or detail work. There are also many new "dress up a Deere friend" items you can add to your older tractor to update it to some of the new tractor features. There are also many features you can update your older combine too. So stop in or give us a call today. Also remember to get that equipment detailed to not only make it look new but operate to peak efficiency.

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