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Company Values


We are committed to achieving our company’s Purpose by our core values described below as the guiding principles by which we conduct our business practices and ourselves for the benefit of all our customers, employees, owners and other significant stakeholder groups.




KEY RESULT: The trust and well-being of all


  1. Be honest and sincere
  2. Be fair and caring with all
  3. Hold ourselves and each other accountable to do the right thing 
  4. Demonstrate the highest standard of ethical responsibility in our conduct and communications with all
  5. Respect the confidentiality of all





KEY RESULT: Financial stability and growth for all


  1. Always focus on achieving our common goal of profitability for both our customers and our company that is required for the sustained success of both
  2. Successfully provide superior products and services
  3. Invest in our employees and facilities in ways that generate increasing efficiency, productivity
  4. Consistently use our individual and collective talents, resources



KEY RESULT: A progressive company all are proud to be associates with based on our record of consistently meeting the expectations of customers, the regions we serve, and each other


  1. Leading by the example provided by all of accountability, professionalism, and superior leadership
  2. Working toward continuous improvement by providing necessary training, support, and tools for all employees and sharing successful practices
  3. All working by clear, essential, and achievable goals, objectives and expectations 
  4. Consistently respond with timely and reasonable follow-through to all requests
  5. Treating both customers and employees in ways that produce superior satisfaction and loyalty



KEY RESULT: Productive and fulfilling long-term relationships with all


  1. Provide outstanding support and profitable solutions for our customers
  2. Communicate effectively with all by working toward shared purpose, goals and expectations
  3. Being a positive contributor through support for our communities and local organizations
  4. Acknowledging and recognizing employees for their extraordinary contributions, dedication




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